The fight between Koga and Xia will continue in "Kengan Omega" Chapter 158. Allegedly, a major plot twist will happen that will see the victory of Xia against Koga.

Just like other fights in the series, Koga and Xia have to follow one rule: fight any way they want without killing their opponent. So, who will be the last man standing between these two in "Kengan Omega" Chapter 158?

 Xia bravely faces Koga, thinking the latter is an inexperienced fighter. However, the opposite is seen in the past 150 chapters of the manga.

Epic Dope noted Xia is a coward by character, though it cannot be denied that he possesses the skills of a true fighter. Fans saw how extremely fired up the two were at the end of the previous installment as the real battle started.

So in "Kengan Omega" Chapter 158, the two will go above and beyond as they continue their fight and it will be a brutal showdown.

Xia's hidden sense of pride will be on full display as his life is put at stake. There may be a plot twist where Xia will bring Koga down and possibly take him hostage as a trump card against Ohma.

However, it is also possible that Koga will take the lead. Fans will witness how he will grow as a fighter, but the major plot twist may shake things up and make the already intense arc more exciting.

Meanwhile, "Kengan Omega" Chapter 157 officially started the fight between Xia and Koga, per OtakuKart News. Xia thought it would be a piece of cake to defeat Koga, initially planning to take him hostage to get his hands on Ohma so that he could return to his organization with his head held high.

Little did he know that Koga would be his worst nightmare. He brought out a knife and stabbed Koga, but the latter was fully aware of his plan and dodged his attack with a heavy punch on the face.

Koga continuously hit Xia. However, Ohma noticed that Xia could turn the tables even if he were already in a roughed-up condition.

He then remembered his father's funeral when the connector chose Yan as the new Worm leader over him. He then admitted that he got his father killed to have his position but failed to do so.

Since then, he had been carrying this hate toward the world and everyone. What happens from here can be seen when "Kengan Omega" Chapter 158 drops on Wednesday, May 11.