Another batch of "One Piece" Chapter 1048 spoilers have dropped, showing much detailed, intense events of Kaido and Luffy's fight. Titled "20 Years," see what will be its connection to the two's lengthy battle.

Luffy has now attained Gear 5 and it remains to be seen what it can do to Kaido in "One Piece" Chapter 1048. Can he finally defeat the Beast Pirates leader and save Onigashima Island?

Anime News and Facts noted that Luffy asks Momonosuke to get Onigashima out of the way, but Oden's son protests that he can't. Toki then tells the kid that he must rebuild the Kozuki clan 20 years from now, from where the title comes.

Kaido then reminds Luffy that the hero of this nation was burned 20 years ago. Since then, the place has been the land of the outlaws as he mocks that Luffy is the weak hero they are waiting for.

Luffy threatens to melt Kaido's right arm after everything that he says. They then exchange attacks from Gum gum to Rising Dragon to Bajrang Gun to Flaming Bagua.

The scene then changes to Usopp, apologizing to Kin and Kiku after accidentally dropping them and asking them not to die in "One Piece" Chapter 1048. The Samurai asks the Strawhat to bring Kaido down to end this despair.

The next page shows how Kaido threatens Momo's life after learning he's Oden's son. The Wano citizens try to stop Kaido but to no avail.

After the death of Oden's wife, Kozuki Toki, Orochi says they're done with the Kozuki clan. Orochi then asks Daimyos if they're going to make Wano a better country and fight.

Kaido's subordinates look for young men to work and make weapons, resulting in the citizens' protest. The Samurai tells them to trust Lady Toki's words. Orochi then faces Denjiro, while the last page shows Luffy.

Meanwhile, in "One Piece" Chapter 1048, Momo couldn't create Flame Clouds, so Luffy decided to take over, per Devdiscourse. He was already determined to end the battle, so he let out a huge punch to the island.

The move helped to put away the island so that it would no longer fall over Flower Capital. If Momo didn't manage to move the island in time, Onigashima might have been destroyed by the punch.

Alternatively, the people of Flower Capital had already started to celebrate the last few minutes of their freedom. What happens from here can be seen when "One Piece" Chapter 1048 drops on Sunday, May 8.