"One Piece" Episode 1016 will finally be out on Sunday after two weeks of waiting. After witnessing one of the best episodes so far, all eyes are now on the next battle of the Worst Generation and Kaido.

The fight between Luffy's group and the Beast Pirates' leader is one of the most anticipated in the anime series. So, will "One Piece" Episode 1016 have the same level of quality as that of the previous episode?

Sports Keeda noted the next episode would continue the epic fight between the past and the present generations. It may adapt the majority of the manga's Chapter 1001, where the battle between the Yonko and Worst Generation happened.

Almost every Worst Generation member has been given time to shine, particularly the three captains. This fight will officially kick off and there are high expectations for this, knowing that it is one of the most favorite battles in the series.

Will Toei Animation perfectly capture each of the fighters' moves? However, manga fans may need to manage their expectations as the animators may only add the anime-only scenes and not the entire fights they see in the manga.

If there are additional scenes, it may feature Yamato and Momonosuke on the Live Floor. "One Piece" Episode 1016 may also feature other events not part of Chapter 1001, considering it has been doing it during the Wano arc.

So, what happened in "One Piece" Chapter 1015? OtakuKart News cited it managed to break the internet with its incredible animation.

It revealed the bond Ace and Yamato had, teasing that what could have happened in the future would never have the chance to transpire after what occurred in the past. Their talk about the world under the moonlight and Ace's faith in Luffy about how he would become the Pirate King was a heart-melting one.

They then discussed the prophecy. Yamato had Oden's journey, which revealed a great pirate would emerge after 20 years.

The previous episode also showed Ace's vivre card and how it made everything more emotional. No one knew anything about Yamato before.

But now that she was part of the Strawhats, it was hard to imagine what she had gone through after revealing what Ace meant to her. From a tear-jerking episode, the battle of the lifetime is about to be seen in "One Piece" Episode 1016 when it drops on Sunday, May 8.