Mikey will finally join the battle in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 252. He will be facing Pah this time after the latter bravely approaches him in the previous chapter.

Though the much-awaited battle of Mikey and Takemichi is yet to happen, it may come along the way now that the former will join the battlefield. However, it can't be denied that fans are now excited to see the fight between the former friends and allies in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 252.

The war between the Kantou Manji Gang and the Tokyo Manji Gang second generation has been happening for quite a while. But as the fight continues, each chapter becomes so intense as new secrets and mysteries are coming out.

New allies and enemies are coming to the surface. Sure the Tokyo Manji Gang is in a tight spot, but they are trying their best to climb to the top with Takemichi in the lead.

So what will happen in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 252? SportsLumo noted fans are about to witness a clash between two old friends, Pah and Mikey.

The two met atop the bunker, where Mikey was watching the war. Surely, this battle is a must-see as the former childhood friends are about to beat each other.

They are known as two of the strongest first-generation Black Dragons after Koko has switched sides. Elsewhere, Takemichi is yet to be seen, though it has been known that he is fighting Kantou Manji's vice-captain.

There's a whole slaughter that's waiting to happen, too, as Hanma is about to go through the war survivors. Meanwhile, Koko is back on Inpui's side, per Recent Highlights.

Inupi's dead twin sister, Akane, appeared and she was the one with whom Koko used to be in love. A fire that broke out in Inupi's house resulted in the demise of his sister and left a burn mark on his face.

Koko tried his best to save Akane, but he mistakenly brought out Inupi instead. With the lack of money they needed for the operation, Akane died.

Koko has been blaming himself for Akane's death, so he has been determined to earn money since. Now, he is back on Inupi's side.

Meanwhile, the Tokyo Manji Gang has difficulty winning the battle now that Draken is gone. Chifuyu, Akkun and Mitsuya may face Hanma, but they may be not in the perfect shape to battle someone as strong as him.

So, will a mysterious savior come to help them or will it be the end of Tokyo Manji Gang? Find out when "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 252 drops on Tuesday, May 10.