"One Piece" Chapter 1049 may finally feature the beginning of the end of Kaido and Luffy's fight and the Wano arc in general. The Onigashima Raid may soon conclude and fans will see who will win between the Beast Pirates and Straw Hat Pirates leaders.

Fans are now looking forward to what they are about to see in "One Piece" Chapter 1049. As some are now divided on how Kaido and Luffy's fight will end, many still root for the aspiring Pirate King.

SportsKeeda noted the end might soon come. Readers would continue to see the exchange of attacks between Luffy and Kaido as they gear for their final battle.

With that said, Momonosuke may finally learn how to create flame clouds, which will be an integral part of the Wano arc and Onigashima raid resolution. If this happens, the Flower Capital and its citizens may finally be saved.

In addition, Kaido's full-length flashback may finally be featured in "One Piece" Chapter 1049. As several parts of his memory have been teased throughout the Onigashima Raid, it may mean a full-scale flashback is about to be seen.

Fans are dying to know Kaido's past life and many may be disappointed if it doesn't happen this time.

Meanwhile, in "One Piece" Chapter 1048, Luffy asked Momo to take Onigashima away so that he could start to attack Kaido, per The News Pocket. Momo then had a flashback and began to form clouds.

Kaido vowed he would never run away and face Luffy's attack. Kaido used the great dragon torch, turning him into a fire dragon. Wherever Kaido put his hand, it instantly melted down.

So when Luffy started to hit him, he couldn't do anything to do any damage as he burned out. Elsewhere, Usopp apologized to Kinemon and Kiku for dropping them as a brief flashback began.

In the flashback, fans witnessed the final moments of Oden as he asked his retainers to run. Kaido went after Momo to settle things out, while Orochi confirmed Toki's death.

Each year that passed, more and more people were suffering from the wrath of Orochi. They waited for the winter that Toki predicted for so long and continued to live.

Back to the present timeline, the citizens of Wano sent flame torches that contained their wishes. Denjiro cut down Orochi for good, while Luffy used his new attack called Bajrang Gun against Kaido.

As their fight continues, fans are about to see what will happen next when "One Piece" Chapter 1049 drops on Sunday, May 15.