Seolhyun is now taking a break from promoting as an idol and focusing on acting instead. With that said, the AOA member has undergone a massive image change and she now looks far from her idol image.

Seolhyun looks unrecognizable in her actress image. The heavy makeup and sexy dresses and vibes are now gone, replaced with a simpler appearance. So, do fans like it more?

AllKpop noted that her huge image change has something to do with her becoming a real actress. In fact, fans now recognize her skills, saying she is incredibly improving.

In an online post on Natepan, one netizen said she did not recognize the K-pop star after her massive transformation. So, many are surprised by her new looks and ask what may have ignited the change.

Other netizens claim being an idol and actress comes with different styling. Her hairstyle has also changed and some believe it is "at her worst."

However, it can't be denied that Seolhyun still looks pretty, especially when she appears on "Unexpected Business." Some say her bangs don't suit her, dramatically changing her look.

Another one says she looks gorgeous with the idol styling, though she is still pretty with whatever style she wears. However, others admit they are disappointed with her looks today, but it may only be for her role.

Meanwhile, Seolhyun talked about her feelings about "Unexpected Business 2."On the show's ninth episode, the cast closed the evening business and spoke to one another.

Yoon Kyung Ho and Park Byung Eun how they met through the one-act play "Monster" eight years ago. Yoon Kyung Ho chimed in and revealed he had also filmed the movie "The Great Battle" with Jo In Sung and Seolhyun.

Yoon Kyung Ho remembered Seolhyun didn't laugh out loud on set at the time, while Jo In-Seong added she looked "a lot better today." The latter believed Seolhyun didn't do too much acting because she was still young back then.

Seolhyun then revealed she had become more comfortable after celebrating her tenth year in the business last year following her debut. Jo In Sung congratulated her, adding she had worked hard and it wasn't easy to "do one work" for ten years.

Seolhyun explained she was daunted by acting when she was active as a singer, making her feel like she was an outsider. Thankfully, things have changed and she has now become more comfortable when she finally decides to become an actress.