Many can't still get over 2NE1's surprise reunion at the largest music festival in the U.S., Coachella, to perform "I'm the Best." Now, the billion-dollar question is, how do Park Bom, Dara, Minzy and CL manage to keep their performance a secret?

Also, didn't YG Entertainment react to 2NE1's secret reunion? All of these questions are now answered.

After about seven years, the group finally reunited on one stage. Rolling Stone even named their performance "This year's Coachella's best."

However, AllKpop noted this surprise performance was prepared in secret. The girls have already left YG and now have different agencies.

Though they can sing together, they need YG's permission to promote as a group, especially if it will incur income from their performances. Trademark rights also have to be transferred.

If they use the band's name to promote a concert or a new album without following these procedures, they may face a trademark infringement lawsuit. This is why their performance came as a surprise-with no publicity involved.

Despite that, a YG official said they had no plans to take any legal action against the girls. "We have no position to disclose specifics about 2NE1's performance," the insider explained.

For starters, the surprise reunion was part of CL's set in the historic 88rising Head in the Clouds Forever stage. In an interview with Billboard, the 31-year-old South Korean rapper talked about their surprising reunion and how it happened.

She revealed they talked about it for two months before it finally came to fruition. They kept it a secret when they were rehearsing at Minzy's place, where she owned her own dance studio, and they would usually start at 10 or 11 p.m. when the classes were done.

They only had two weeks to rehearse before the event took place in the U.S. and they even had to consider that they were in South Korea. Though they were still comfortable performing with each other, she couldn't deny that they were already in a different situation, minding their own solo careers.

Talking about their photos together before Coachella 2022 took place, CL cleared it had nothing to do with their reunion. They only swore to meet and dine at least once a year after being disbanded.

In fact, at the time, they weren't sure if their reunion would still happen. Thankfully, CL, Dara, Bom and Minzy were seen performing one of their No. 1 tracks, "I Am the Best," which shocked their global fanbase.