The first electric vehicle and gas charging station in Hong Kong will open at the airport next month, with the faster power source charging HK$64 per hour.

The 5,000-square-meter station next to the Airport Freight Forwarding Center is Shell's largest in Hong Kong.

It has four EV power outlets and 16 gas refilling places, with two types of adapters to support 99% of EVs in Hong Kong.

Shell's smartphone app allows EV drivers to check whether charging sites are open. Customers might begin charging after making an online payment. Self-service is the norm, but station personnel are available to help as necessary.

Two of the outlets are amazingly fast, with a 60-kilowatt unit and two types of plugs, and they cost around HK$3.20 per kilowatt on average.

These super-fast charging alternatives allow EVs to charge from 10% to 80% in one hour, allowing them to travel 300 kilometers or three trips from Tung Chung to Stanley.

The other two medium outlets will cost HK$21 for two hours, or HK$2.80 per kilowatt. Larger EV models can also be accommodated in wider locations.

Other services available at the station include lubrication changes, wheel cleaners, washes, and merchandising. There are also massage seats for electric vehicle drivers.

Shell's short-term ambition in Hong Kong, according to the general manager of mobility Leung Suk-man, is to install over 300 Shell charging sites throughout Hong Kong Island, the New Territories, and Kowloon. 

"Shell's 41 stations are planned to be renovated with smart charging to assist reach zero carbon emissions," she said.

In December, Shell opened its first Shell Recharge EV charging point in Fan Ling, making it the first transportation solution supplier in Hong Kong to offer an all-encompassing EV charging system, with charging stations in both car parks, gas, and oil stations to accommodate a variety of client needs.

The station, which is situated on the second floor of a public parking garage, has two 120 kilowatt super-fast charging units that serve four charging outlets.

Shell plans to expand its system to over 500,000 charging points worldwide by 2025, with 30,000 public charging stations on its shopping sites and at third-party locations, according to Leung. 

At Boston Logan International Airport, Royal Dutch Shell has established its first electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities in the United States.

Shell, based in The Hague, Netherlands, has concentrated its Shell Recharge EV charging network expansion in Europe, in conjunction with Allego, an EV service company, ahead of its first U.S. site.