Big Bang has once again proven that they are the original kings of K-pop. With the success of their latest single, "Still Life," the love of their fans resurfaces and most of them are surprisingly men.

Big Bang is already an icon and many aspire to be like G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang and Daesung. Because of this, despite being heartthrobs, the group has more male supporters who want to follow in their footsteps.

In a discussion on Nate Pann, netizens revealed their image is what guys want to achieve. They do not only look fancy; they appear cool, too.

Aside from their good songs, it cannot be denied that they all have unique styles. However, G-Dragon seems to be the coolest of them all.

Their songs are not only for women. Even men can relate to their tracks, perfectly fitting their tastes. With these things said, they just show that they are also highly skilled.

Their rock star vibe has been lauded by many, earning respect from both men and women. With the number of hit songs and trendy outfits they have made, Big Bang has garnered millions of fans all over the world.

In fact, their name has become a brand itself and they are continuously influencing the music industry and its supporters, AllKpop noted. Despite being on a hiatus for four years, their fame remains the same and the success of "Still Life" can prove so.

They even got the "Perfect All Kill," topping all the major music charts in South Korea. In fact, MBC's "Show! Music Core" marked the song's seventh overall win on April 30.

As the track took the No. 1 place on that week's "Show! Music Core," the Big Bang accumulated 100 music show wins throughout their career. They are the first-ever artist under YG to enjoy this feat, joining BTS, Twice, EXO and Girls' Generation as the only artists in history to achieve this milestone.

So, it is no surprise that even some of the most famous K-pop stars idolize them. Who are the popular idols that support Big Bang?

It includes GOT'7s BamBam, who was all over the place when he got in one elevator with G-Dragon, Daesung and T.O.P, per Soompi. All members of BLACKPINK are also on the list.

Aside from being under the same label, the two groups also have a close relationship. In fact, they tease Taeyang every now and then. Other artists who are Big Bang fans are Twice, Astro, Lee Hi, IU and Zico.