Seolhyun has broken her silence over the talks about her unrecognizable transformation. In a post on Instagram, the AOA member finally addresses the issue and reveals its reason.

The talks about Seolhyun's sudden image change started in the online community Nate Pann. So, to reveal what really happened, Seolhyun screenshot a post from the said online discussion and shared it on her Instagram Story.

The post in question had the title "What Happened to Seolhyun?" and featured her images that they described as "unrecognizable." AllKpop noted the said photos were actually still cuts of her character as Do Ah Hee from the tvN drama "The Killer's Shopping List."

The 27-year-old looked different in the series to give justice to her role as a policewoman. So, if fans were wondering why she looked different in those snaps, she asked everyone to watch the show.

Nope, she didn't get mad or respond with hate, but she took advantage of this publicity to promote her show. As they say, good or bad publicity is still publicity.

For starters, netizens gathered in an online community to talk about Seolhyun's sudden image change. Though some said her new look wasn't as good as before, many still praised her for bravely ditching her glamorous style as a K-pop idol for a new project.

Her response earned her more attention and love, not showing even a single inch of irritation. Many said they loved how she shared her reaction and even got praised for her good acting in the series.

Meanwhile, "The Killer's Shopping List is a K-drama based on the same name by Kang Ji Young. It's a comedy-mystery thriller that tells the story of an ordinary neighborhood on the outskirts of Seoul, per Soompi.

A supermarket receipt becomes a major piece of eveidence after a mysterious body is found near an apartment building. From here, the hunt for the killer begins.

The show stars Lee Kwang Soo as Ahn Dae Sung, a genius with impressive memorization skills. However, his life took a 360-degree turn after an incident that happened at his mom's (Jin Hee Kyung) supermarket when he was just 10 years old.

His girlfriend, Ahn Dae Sung (Seolhyun), is a police officer who has been in love with him since they were young. So, when asked why the actress chose to do this drama, she said she found the hunt for a killer using a receipt interesting.

Seolhyun was also drawn to her character, adding Ahn Dae Sung is a "professional at work" and has a "clear sense of purpose to protect Dae Sung and their community. "The Killer's Shopping List" airs every Wednesday and Thursday on tvN.