DIA will be making their much-awaited comeback, but this will be their final return before their official disbandment. After being inactive for so long, Eunice, Ki Hee Hyun, Jung Chae Yeon, Yebin, Eunchae and Jooeun are about to say goodbye to their group.

An exclusive media outlet reported that DIA would be making its final comeback later this year. So, what will be their last activities together?

AllKpop noted all six girls would be promoting altogether. A PocketDol Studios representative recently confirmed the news

After their promotions, their contracts with PocketDol Studios will expire in September. With that said, their comeback is scheduled to happen sometime in August.

As this pushes through, this will be the first time in two years and two months that the group will be dropping their new album. The last time fans heard from there was when they released "Flower 4 Seasons" in June 2020.

So, after their new album's release, it looks like the DIA members are now decided to part ways with the group. By the looks of it, they are about to begin their solo promotions after their last get together.

For starters, DIA is the sister group of T-ARA. The group's leader is Jung Chaeyeon, who is also a member of IOI and an actress.

Contrary to many's beliefs, the girls are yet to disband. A fan said on Quora that they're just yet to make a comeback since 2019.

The group was originally composed of nine members, but only six are left now. Eunjin left in 2018 due to health reasons, followed by Jenny in 2019, while Somyi terminated her contract earlier this year.

PocketDol Studios hasn't released anything about them for a long time, leaving them inactive. Considering its studio is only a small company, this may have something to do with the lack of funds.

DIA members themselves have been mum as of late. In a forum on AllKpop, one fan said the group's debut flopped; that's why MBK sent two members, Chae Yeon and Cathy, to join "Produce 101" and they instantly gained massive popularity.

Cathy made it to the top 20, while Chae Yeon became a member of IOI. Though the group saw success, topping the charts and selling more albums, they went down the hill when the WooWoo era began.

After failing to make it to the top again, fans will soon see the final performance of DIA through their last comeback.