BTS's upcoming compilation album, "Proof," is yet to be out, but it is already facing some controversies. Aside from allegedly not giving credits to Jimin, everyone talks about Bobby Chung's involvement in the album.

Bobby Chung is a known composer and guitarist from the group Autumn Vacation who was embroiled in a huge controversy back in 2020. As the tracklist Hybe released revealed his name on the list of producers, fans are worried that his negative image may affect BTS and "Proof."

The issues surrounding the controversial South Korean star began in 2020 when a young woman took her own life and he was said to be the reason. MBC's "News Desk" claimed the family of a young woman named "A" that her ex-boyfriend "B" was responsible for her death.

They accused B of various crimes, like "drugging A, illegally filming A and committing sexual assault" on her, per AllKpop. Speculations started to emerge, claiming B was Bobby Chung.

In 2021, he was handed over to the prosecution on the charges of sexually assaulting a woman he was dating and illegally filming her sex videos. So, what does it have to do with BTS?

Bobby Chung is the producer of some of the group's most popular songs. In fact, in the new tracklist of "Proof," many found his name since the track he produced, Jimin's solo sing "Filter," was part of the album's CD2.

So, netizens started to criticize Hybe on the online community The Qoo for letting Bobby Chung be part of BTS's upcoming album. They feared that having his name listed in it would negatively affect the band.

Meanwhile, fans are also calling for better treatment for Jimin after noticing he's the only member who doesn't have a solo song included in CD3, per Koreaboo. Five members have their demo versions of songs, while Jungkook has an acapella version of his solo "Still with You."

Though Jimin is represented through the track "Tony Montana," it's a song by Suga. Though he already has "Seesaw," "Tony Montana" is technically his song, too.

Sadly, Jimin doesn't even get credits for writing his part of the song on the tracklist posted. Instead, the only credited writers and producers of the track are Suga, Pdogg and Supreme Boi.

This makes ARMYs confused and disappointed. Many are even upset that Hybe is not equally treating each BTS member.

Hybe is yet to address this issue. "Proof" is set to be out on June 10.