Things will be getting pretty intense in "Boruto" Chapter 70 now that Shikamaru is face-to-face with Eida. Can he manage to take her on his side and have her alliance?

Things are heating up with the impending battle that is about to happen now that Kawaki is awake and Sasuke, Boruto and Naruto head to Amado's laboratory. Now, the big question is, what is Shikamaru planning to do this time in "Boruto" Chapter 70?

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

SportsKeeda noted Shikamaru's Shadow Possession Jutsu has worn off on Code, so the latter wants Amado to remove his limiters.

Delta is already down, making Shikamaru alone with Eida in the room. Though he is in control of his mental capabilities, knowing not to make her mad at him to avoid a fight this time, he has to make his way out by trying to influence Eida to be on Konoha's side.

He has to make this offer in exchange for having access to Kawaki. If Eida refuses, they have to face her and try to surpass or even match her abilities.

However, the main problem will be her charm. Will they manage to avoid being allured by Eida in "Boruto" Chapter 70? It looks like it is now up to Shikamaru on how he will handle this battle.

Thanks to Ino's ability, Recent Highlights cited Shikamaru found about Eida in "Boruto" Chapter 69. He knew he could not defeat her and Code was too strong for him to handle.

Now that Delta was immobilized, they were at a disadvantage. However, it could not be denied that Shikamaru was smart with his attempt to negotiate with Eida.

He told Ino to lock the door, hoping Naruto and Sasuke would not arrive, knowing Eida would defeat them without a sweat. He then asked the woman to "jump ship."

Though Code could give a hand, Shikamaru could do it better as a Konoha man. He could bring Kawaki to Eida and confess her feelings for him. Things might even go easier if they teamed up instead of Eida trying to help Code.

So, in "Boruto" Chapter 70, fans are about to see Eida's reaction and response to Shikamaru's move. So, will she give Konoha a hard time or not?

"Boruto" Chapter 70 is expected to be out on Thursday, May 19. The manga is free to read on Viz and MangaPlus' websites and the Shonen Jump app.