The fight between Hades and Huang continues in "Record of Ragnarok" Chapter 62. With that said, the next installment might turn out to be Chapter 61 Part 3.

Chapter 61 had two parts. The first part was out in March, followed by the second part in April. So, as Hades and Huang's fight is yet to end, "Record of Ragnarok" Chapter 62 may still be Chapter 61 Part 3.

Huang is at a disadvantage in this battle. He is evidently in big trouble as his "weakness of tanking the same damage may become his undoing," Recent Highlights noted.

He is taking twice the damage, making the fight much harder for him. By the looks of it, this will be the tournament's first draw.

Huang is trying his best to match Hades' abilities despite the disadvantage. They are both fighting with all they have and they seem to be racing against the clock.

Many think they will drop at the same time, so the draw is declared. As the battle gets harder for them, can the great king do the impossible and turn the tables in "Record of Ragnarok" Chapter 62?

Hades, alternatively, is using his life force to improve his weapon. However, in this fight, it can't be denied that they are roughly challenged in physical abilities.

They display incredible strength and durability, but using weapons can cause a rift. So, fans are about to witness the greatness of Hades' weapon in the next chapter.

He can now see the Qi disruption move from Huang after cutting himself and spilling his blood everywhere. This helps improve his efficiency to a great level.

So, fans will also see how Hades will capitalize on this move, which may mean the end for Huang.

Meanwhile, in "Record of Ragnarok" Chapter 61 Part 2, Hades hurt himself and spilled blood all over the place, per Anime Troop. He sang the song of his brother, Poseidon, while Sasaki wondered what was happening.

Huang was also confused about Hades' moves. Hades started to attack Huan, who countered his hit with an air bullet.

Hades saw the bullet's motion, diverting the flow and taking only minimal damage. Hades then released a fatal blow, which Huang dodged.

Huang was surprised that his air bullets did not work. Hades' blood collected into his bident and transformed into a crystal.

The bident turned to have five sharp knife-like things and turned into one. Hades' bident and Poseidon's trident merged and formed a new weapon.

Huang took a pause and joined the fight again. He tried to attack Hades, but he could not control the power's flow and seriously got injured.

Huang could only use one arm now and his fate could be seen when "Record of Ragnarok" Chapter 62 drops on Wednesday, May 25.