Elon Musk's Cybertruck is coming in late. Tesla's website recently removed a reference to a 2022 production timetable.

The Cybertruck was first announced in 2019, with Tesla saying that it will begin production in late 2021. Then, in August of that year, full production was postponed until sometime in 2022. That deadline appears to have been extended as well.

According to Edmunds, the order page on Tesla's Cybertruck site formerly stated: "You will be able to complete your configuration as production nears in 2022," but now just states: "You will be able to complete your configuration as production nears."

Several variations of the Cybertruck were expected to be available. A single motor and rear-wheel drive were first announced as the least expensive variant, with prices starting at $39,000. 500 miles of range and "more performance than a sports car" were predicted from Cybertruck's highest model, a triple motor.

We've heard reports for a few years that the single-motor version will be discontinued, and Musk himself confirmed that a previously unnamed four-motor type will be the first to go into production.

A delay could be caused by a variety of circumstances. External hurdles, such as the continuing pandemic and worldwide chip shortage (which has impacted all automakers), as well as Cybertruck-specific issues, are among them. The vehicle's angular appearance is divisive, eliciting both wonder and disdain, but it does present unusual design issues, such as the need to create a massive windshield wiper to cover the massive front window.

Increasing manufacturing of the Cybertruck may also be a low priority for Tesla, given the success of its other cars. For example, the Model 3 was the first EV to top monthly sales charts in Europe, and the business delivered almost 1 million cars in 2021 - a remarkable 87% increase in shipments in 2020.

Likewise, Tesla's competitors are entering what might be a lucrative market for electric trucks. Ford has committed to doubling production of its F-150 Lightning, which it says will begin shipping in the first half of 2022; buzzy newcomer Rivian has begun shipping its first R1Ts to customers; and brands like Hummer and Chevy have their own electric trucks scheduled for late 2022 and late 2023 releases.

We're not expecting a new Cybertruck release date anytime soon, but it would be wonderful if Tesla gave reservation holders a more precise timeline for receiving their trucks. That is, if they have any reason to expect them.