It will still take a month before fans see what will happen next in "One Piece" Chapter 1054. By the looks of it, the Wano arc is not yet over and Eiichiro Oda may continue this story in the coming chapters.

The manga is on a one-month break as its creator is taking his time to rest and prepare for the new and final saga. As early as now, fans are already casting their theories on what may happen in "One Piece" Chapter 1054 and future installments.

A lot of assumptions are now surrounding the identity of Ryokugyu. Recent Highlights noted some of them, including the belief that he may be Zoro's father.

He may also be a master swordsman, seeing he has a sword with him, though he may also rely on his tree ability. Ryokugyu is seen as a peculiar character who wants Akainu's approval.

As he seems to be planning to do something, his next move will be seen in "One Piece" Chapter 1054. Whatever the case is, fans want to know more about this new Admiral in the upcoming chapters.

Readers also want to know more about the Onis and the numbers. Cipher Pol has met with Big Mom pirates, alluding to the assumptions that they may be planning to rescue Charlotte Linlin from the magma.

The new chapter may also reveal the existence of Pluton in Wano. There are beliefs Momo is Pluton and it may have been proven when he said he must stay alive.

Meanwhile, in "One Piece" Chapter 1053, Mary Geoise yelled at a marine and told him to reprint the newspapers, change the image of Luffy's bounty and remove the D from his name, per Anime News and Facts. The marine reasoned that CP0 agent Guernica sent the photo and he couldn't contact the printing company.

He was then asked to stop the paper's distribution, to which Morgan laughed and said it was up to him to spread the news worldwide. He then informed the elder that Cipher Pol's transmission from Wano Country broke off after they encountered Big Mom's Pirates' Ship, Queen Mama Chanter.

The next scene showed Luffy, Law and Kid's bounties of 3 billion each. Law's private crew reacted to the bounty, while Kid went somewhere with his people.

Elsewhere, a big party took place at the Flower Capital castle. Jinbe was the only one there, while Luffy, Yamato and Chopper were eating and Brook was having a concert.

Robin was then seen looking at Tenguyama Hitetsu's collection in the basement when Tenguyama approached her and asked if she liked it. He told her it was his secret hobby room, but he was imprisoned in it for several years, making Robin ask about his true identity.

"One Piece" Chapter 1054 is set to be out after a month.