BTS has announced the group's hiatus to focus on their solo careers and it looks like it will begin with Jimin. The 26-year-old is about to launch his solo project and teases fans about what it will be like as he graces the cover of WeVerse Magazine's latest issue.

The cover has the title "Jimin: I Want to be Better and Cooler." As fans thirst over his bare-chested snap, he talks about the future after being introduced as a born idol.

Writer and interviewer Kang Myungseok started the talk with the group's comeback after dropping their new anthology album, "Proof." From there, they discussed his plans for his solo career.

As early as now, he revealed he was already meeting different producers, AllKpop noted. The interviewer then asked him if he would continue to try on many things after the release of "With You."

The idol revealed the song was just his starting point and he had decided to continue going straight through. He would keep in touch with the producers and discuss the messages, appearance and image he would like his music to have.

After everything he had shown as part of BTS for nine years, Jimin said he still has much to offer. In fact, he wanted to be more explicit, unveiling something more raw, mature and personal through his music, especially in his future music videos.

It would include things he would usually think about with more honesty and his desire to feature something much darker, just like older members did. Talking about the topics he would like to explore, he continued he would like to release music for his own sake and how he felt.

It might include his feeling of loss during the pandemic. In fact, when his fellow BTS members knew about it, they encouraged Jimin to make it into music, so he decided to try and address it.

Meanwhile, aside from Jimin, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V and Jungkook also had a talk with WeVerese Magazine, per India. RM's interview is yet to be released and the first one is from Jimin.

His cover features his bare-chested photo and some say he's giving tough competition with this image. Despite being known as one of the group's shyest members, Jimin's snap has surprised fans. By the looks of it, ARMYs have to wait for the other members' covers to see what they got.