BLACKPINK's Rose and BTS's J-Hope sparked dating rumors after the South-Korean-born French chef Pierre Sang shared separate photos with them on Instagram. Although they were not together in one picture, they seemed to be in the same place altogether.

The rumors began when the said snaps went viral after being posted on Nate Pann. So, is there any truth about it?

The poster specified that the two K-pop giants were wearing the same nail polish color, which heightened the rumors more. The uploader even stressed that they had been wearing the same nail polish for a time, resulting in speculations that they were dating.

However, as soon as these assumptions emerged, fans and netizens quickly shut down the claims, AllKpop noted. Some said the rumors are ridiculous, revealing there were a lot of idols at the event held by Pierre Sang.

They even explained that wearing the same nail polish color was just a coincidence and could not prove if two people were dating. A netizen cleared that J-Hope only did his nails because of the music video he was filming and the chef just opened his restaurant, so a lot of celebrities visited.

Another one said Rose went there with her sister. Others then claimed there were a lot of male celebrities who the BLACKPINK member allegedly dated, making it seem like people were trying to pair the girl group with BTS.

Meanwhile, Clout News revealed that Pierre Sang also posted photos with soloist Somi, BLACKPINK's Lisa and Jisoo and TWICE's Nayeon. His posts with Lisa, Jisoo and Somi were said to be taken from YG's Black Label studio.

Alternatively, his pictures with Rose, Nayeon and J-Hope seemed to be at the same dinner party at the new Louis Vuitton Pop-Up Restaurant. The photos' background showed they were taken at the same place, though the timing couldn't be confirmed.

So, they were highly likely taken at different times, though posted together. However, there was a possibility that these idols had met or seen each other one way or another.

It could also be noticed that Pierre Sang was wearing the same clothes in the three pictures with Rose, Nayeon and J-Hope. It was also good to note that Nayeon visited the Louis Vuitton Pop-Up Restaurant last week, so it might be taken at a different time or day. So, it's for the fans to judge if J-Hope and Rose are really dating or not.