The new health commissioner of Hong Kong has stated that travelers can complete a portion of their quarantine at home so long as a health code system similar to China is in place to regulate their movement.

In a Tuesday press conference, Secretary for Health Lo Chung-mau stated that a system similar to China's traffic light health code will help the local populace better control social distance.

The city also intends to implement tracking bracelets for home-isolating COVID-19 patients to guarantee they do not leave the premises.

Lo said the technology for the health code is still in the process of being created, but he hopes it can be implemented as soon as possible.

The secretary outlined how travel quarantine would evolve if the system is in effect, noting that individuals will receive a yellow designation after completing hotel isolation and serve the remainder of the period at home.

The yellow code will allow them to go to work but prohibit them from entering high-risk locations such as nursing homes for the elderly or venues where masks are removed.

During a press event on Tuesday, Chief Executive John Lee rejected surveillance fears regarding the health code, stating that the technology will only be utilized for anti-epidemic objectives.

The former police officer cautioned the public from causing "trouble" with this matter.

"Our goal is to be scientific and accurate in our behaviors," he said, adding that they can protect those who are exposed to high risks and, on the other hand, facilitate entry and exit from Hong Kong.

As the Asian financial hub sees a rebound in COVID-19 hospitalizations and severe cases, Hong Kong's new administration is implementing viral strategies fast.

Such a health code system would bring the city closer to the "Zero COVID-19" methods employed in China, which prioritize the eradication of infectious diseases at tremendous social and economic expense.

In contrast to China, Lo disclosed that the local system would not follow people's movements and that no one's code would suddenly turn red, banning them from entering certain locations.

He also reaffirmed that there were no intentions to quarantine the city in order to combat the sickness.

Officials stated at the meeting that the outbreak is intensifying and that, in the worst-case scenario, daily hospitalizations will reach 300 by the end of July. Monday, the city recorded 2,611 new local cases.