Prince Harry delivered his United Nations speech during Nelson Mandela Day in New York City on Monday, July 18. But while talking, royal observers reportedly noticed Meghan Markle's husband looked sad.

Royal commentator Angela Levin said Prince Harry seemed "pitiful" while delivering his remark about climate change, abortion rights in the U.S. and his wife, Meghan Markle.

Levin claimed, via Express, that the Duke of Sussex seemed to show his true emotions at the event and he looked "very low." She also found it strange that the former "Suits" star managed to hold one of her hushand's hands and clung to his arms with neither of them looking at each other.

"It is pitiful," she continued. Australian entertainment journalist Peter Ford, alternatively, seconded Levin's claims.

He said Prince Harry looked "so sad and so angry." He even compared him to someone who had fallen into the pit and couldn't climb his way out.

In lighter news, the controversial royal family member gave a special shoutout to Meghan Markle during his speech. While talking about his love for Africa since he first visited the country at 13 years old, calling the place his "lifeline" for most of his life, he remembered his time there with his better half.

Prince Harry asserted Africa reminded him of the two most important women in his life: his mom, Princess Diana, and Meghan Markle. He described it as a place where he found peace and healing time and over again.

He also said that it was where he felt close to his late mother and sought solace after she died. "And where I knew I had found a soulmate in my wife," he continued.

People reported Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have traveled to Africa together a number of times. They visited Botswana early in their relationship in 2016.

Prince Harry revealed he managed to persuade her to join him in Botswana for five days and they camped out under the stars. He found the event "absolutely fantastic" and "crucial," giving them the chance to know each other more and be by themselves.

To make sure Meghan Markle would always remember how special Africa was for him, he chose a diamond from Botswana as the centerpiece of her engagement ring. Her ring also featured two smaller diamonds, which were part of Princess Diana's personal collection.

Prince Harry has called Africa his second home and made public and private trips to the country throughout the years. He has also helped with the conservation works there, especially with rhino and elephant projects, and gets to know people and their struggles.