After more than three months, fans will finally see the release of "Black Clover" Chapter 332. With the revelation that Julius Novachrono is actually Lucius Zogratis, what will it mean to the Clover Kingdom and the Magic Knights?

Lucius seems to have an evil plan after telling Adrammelech that "the time has come." So, will Julius reveal himself as Lucius in "Black Clover" Chapter 332?

When Adrammelech appeared at the window, he said everything went just as Lucius anticipated. So, by the looks of it, the main villain has been planning all this to happen for quite some time.

However, Epic Dope noted his real objectives are remained to be seen. In fact, when Damnatio tried to confront him about his real identity, he killed him, which seemed to allude that he wanted to hide his real identity.

Does this mean he has no plans to attack the Clover Kingdom in "Black Clover" Chapter 332 just yet? Elsewhere, fans will see how Asta and Liebe will position themselves as friends instead of being a threat to society.

Meanwhile, Twitter user @shonenleaks seems to drop, via Sports Keeda, what will happen next in the manga's return. The leaker revealed both Asta and Yuno would be "renewing their dreams."

But with the revelation that Julius is Lucius, the Wizard King may be the enemy who will get in their way. There may also be an anomaly that will involve Julius and blame him for this.

Will it be the death of Damnatio? With this mystery, fans can't wait to witness what will happen next in "Black Clover" Chapter 332 to see if this claim will be confirmed or not.

Elsewhere, Asta's new appearance after the time skip makes some noise. Fans seem to notice his new design looks like a combination of a pre-time skip and Spade Kingdom arc.

In "Black Clover" Chapter 331, Yuno met Ciel Grinberryall, his mother and the Spade Kingdom queen. They wanted him to take the Spade Kingdom throne, but he and Asta were both determined to become the next Wizard King.

Damnatio was then seen going to Julius' office to investigate the devil Astaroth, who could use the time magic. He knew only one could use the said ability, but he remained hopeful that his suspicions were wrong.

Julius then transformed into his adult form, confirming Damnatio's suspicions. However, Damnatio suddenly collapsed on the floor after Julius tapped his finger on his skull.

So, would Julius' secret be revealed in "Black Clover" Chapter 334 when it drops on Monday, August 1?