Yoo Jae Suk is probably one of the wealthiest comedians in South Korea today and the revelation of his jaw-dropping income for this year proves this true.

As one of the most famous hosts and TV personalities in South Korea, it's quite expected that Yoo Jae Suk is earning a hefty sum. So, how much does he make this year?

Mnet's "TMI News Show" revealed, via AllKpop, that the nation's MC has received a huge paycheck this 2022 and the year is yet to end. He reportedly makes 150 million Won or more than $115,000 per episode of all of his variety shows.

Seven months into 2022 and he has already made a combined 97 episodes of "Hangout with Yoo," "Sixth Sense," "You Quiz on the Block" and "Running Man." He has likely made about $11 million with his salary per episode.

Aside from hosting, Yoo Jae Suk also has several endorsement deals and he is said to earn 600 to 700 million Won or over $461,000 to $538,000 for each contract. So far, he has filmed nine commercials this year alone, totaling about 6.3 billion Won or more than $4.842 million.

Channel Korea added the 49-year-old personality's income has dramatically increased after winning several awards and doing a number of variety shows. He also does "The Zone: Survival Mission" with Cho Hyo Jin and a new Disney+ show with Girls' Generation's Yuri and Lee Kwang Soo.

Several entertainment agencies, like Kakao Entertainment and Antenna Entertainment, also want to sign Yoo Jae Suk after leaving FNC Entertainment. With that said, many are intrigued to know how much his down payment costs, along with his signing bonus.

According to reports, the down payment to have him sign is around a whopping 10 billion Won, considered the highest contract amount ever.

Meanwhile, rumors have it that the "Running Man" star has 1 trillion Won worth of assets. The claims started to emerge after he graced "The Sixth Sense" Season 3.

"I heard he has accumulated assets of 1 trillion won," Lee Yi Kyung said. Yoo Jae Suk then tried to hush him and his reaction started to spark suspicions.

He then joked about Lee Ki Kyung being a hard-working man, but he could make him want to curse him. "He can be very naughty," he stated.

As it remains to be seen if Yoo Jae Suk indeed has a 1 trillion asset, he reportedly has a net worth of $11 million or 12 billion Won, based on The Wealth Record in 2022.