Meghan Markle continues to face criticisms and allegations. But, British TV host Trisha Goddard called the latest "shots" at the former actress "boring" after seemingly slamming the critics.

Express UK reported that the television personality "erupted" at Tom Bower over his latest book, "Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War between the Windsors." It claimed that she discussed the royal author's book, supposedly including his "pot shots" at the Duchess of Sussex.

The publication quoted Goddard, saying, "For f*** sake, here we go again," and added that she called the latest criticisms "boring."

Trisha Goddard, indeed, made the assertions in a recently released material for "60 Minutes Australia" titled, "Bully or bullied? The new royal scandal surrounding Meghan Markle." However, she did not mention the royal author or the claims he made in his book.

The title's voice-over narration consequently stated that the television personality "is quite clearly sick and tired of people taking pot shots" at Meghan Markle. It is said to be why she believes the Sussexes are "much happier these days being based in [the United States]."

Goddard asserted that people in the U.S. "really like" the former working royals. She also noted that "people can't understand what's going on in Britain, other than snobbishness."

The talk show host later shared that people "can't blame" Prince Harry and Meghan Markle if they decided to remain in the latter's home country "for the foreseeable future."

Elsewhere in the engagement, Trisha Goddard pointed out that the Duchess of Sussex is "not playing the game."

She explained that "all the women who have married into the Royal Family get bullied." She said, "let's use the proper word for it, they all get bullied."

A separate report from Express UK said that this is the "key change [the former actress] brought to the Royal fold," adding that she refuses to "bow down to the pressures of being a woman marrying to the British Royal Family."

Meanwhile, Trisha Goddard previously suggested that Prince Harry and Prince William will "eventually" mend fences, as per the same outlet.

She reportedly shared in an April interview that Julia Samuel, whom she described as a "very renowned," "fantastic psychotherapist," was there for the royal-born Princes before adding, "it is believed Meghan [Markle], as well."

The publication quoted the personality, saying, "while Julia Samuel is in the mix, there will be healing eventually."

It was later noted that the expert was a close friend to the late Princess Diana, and has maintained "close" ties with the royal siblings. As added, she is one of the godparents of the Cambridges' first-born son.