The controversial YouTube channel Sojang made another malicious claim about the Red Velvet member Yeri. The page alleged the K-pop idol has a "Jennie Disease" or is imitating BLACKPINK's Jennie by copying her outfits and make-up.

In a clip, Sojang accuses Yeri of styling herself dramatically like Jennie and even mocks her by saying it doesn't suit her. However, the Red Velvet doesn't let it slide and claps back by posting a response.

In a post on Bubble, a fan-communication platform the SM Entertainment artists use, via AllKpop, the singer-actress addressed Sojang's post by saying she would live however she wanted. She added she honestly felt bad for people who made accusations against other artists.

She continued that they could only make a living by putting others down. So, for others who aren't like these people, Yeri said they should focus on their own lives and spend each day with "love and happiness."

Netizens also responded to Sojang's post, asking if there was anyone who could put the controversial YouTube channel down. They also requested SM to sue the medium for everything it said against Yeri.

Another chimed in and asked how many companies needed to sue this channel before it finally disappeared. Others then accused YouTube of being trash, allowing anyone to post anything as long as it would gather views.

Kpop Starz noted it wasn't the first time a K-pop idol called out Sojang for its malicious content. Back in December 2021, BTS's V warned the YouTube channel of filing a lawsuit against it after spreading nasty accusations about his personal life and trying to defame him.

In a post on WeVerse, the male idol said he would proceed with the complaint and it would cost whoever was behind the channel his "snack fund" for messing with his family and friends. He added he also planned to push the lawsuit on behalf of other K-pop artists who Sojang maliciously accused.

He continued to say that he just looked at the situation on the surface and learned not only them but a lot of other artists also hated the said YouTube channel. Though he didn't have the chance to monitor all the fans and ARMYs, he promised to sue Sojang on behalf of everyone who was hurt and didn't have the courage to do so.

Despite the complaints and warnings, Sojang remains active on YouTube. In fact, it continuously posts false accusations against artists and the recent victim is Red Velvet's Yeri.