The investigation into the fiery crash that has left Anne Heche in a coma continues about a week after the accident. But, authorities said that while the initial investigation was for misdemeanor DUI, it is now being looked at for felony DUI.

Speaking to CNN, Los Angeles Police Department Officer Jeff Lee explained that the "results from a blood draw" from the actress "showed signs of impairment." He noted that it is the reason why the crash is being investigated as a "felony traffic collision."

The official stated that there is also a "word of an injury to someone inside the home," where the "Donnie Brasco" crashed last Friday. He pointed out, though, that woman inside the property sought medical attention after suffering minor injuries.

Lee said that these are the factors that cause the matter to elevate from a misdemeanor DUI to a felony.

While he did not elaborate on the "signs of impairment" in terms of Anne Heche's blood, another officer shed light on the matter.

Annie Hernandez told the publication that the celebrity's blood "showed a presence of narcotics." However, "additional testing is required to rule out any substances that were administered in the hospital."

A rep for Heche later said that she remains hospitalized in critical condition. But, no comment has been given yet with regard to the blood draw result.

On Thursday, TMZ released a similar report, detailing what law enforcement sources have said about the matter. As alleged, Anne Heche was under the influence of cocaine and possibly fentanyl at the time of the accident.

The outlet learned that the "Volcano" actress's blood test results came up positive for both substances. But, the insiders are said to have cautioned that the presence of fentanyl may have been due to her hospitalization.

Accordingly, authorities will reportedly do more testing and investigation to determine whether the substance was in her system at the time of the accident.

Sources also told the outlet that Heche's condition is "dire," adding that she has "not improved" since her admission to the hospital last Friday.

A "close friend" of the 53-year-old actress seemingly echoed the sentiments, telling Mail Online that she is "fighting for her life" and "in the worst state you can imagine."

The publication quoted the unnamed pal, claiming, "[Anne Heche] is in a terrible condition. The smoke inhalation is life threatening."

It continues, "It will be a miracle if she recovers from this and comes out of this coma."

The same source later said that the actress "needs everyone's prayers" and urged everyone to pray for her.