The much-awaited reunion between Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle has finally happened, but a body language expert points out the big difference between the two couples. Also known as Fab Four, they all showed unity to greet the people outside of Windsor Castle following Queen Elizabeth II's demise on Thursday at the age of 96.

Tonya Reiman noticed the difference between the Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's approach to one another. As Prince Harry seems to be more affectionate to his wife, Prince William shows he's a real royal with how he treats his future queen consort.

Reiman told Fox News that she could see the love between the Sussexes, while the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall acted more "royals," proving they're "used to this stuff." In fact, the heir apparent to the British throne even went viral for not opening the car door for his wife, while his younger brother rushed to help his spouse as they left the place together.

Prince William knew someone would open the door for Kate Middleton, so he didn't do that. For the Sussexes, it was an affection moment, showing the difference between the kind of relationships they had.

While meeting the crowd, Reiman added Meghan Markle looked warm and welcoming as she gave others hugs and talk to the public openly. Kate Middleton, alternatively, was more stoic, doing what she thought was proper and the things she had been bred to do.

When it comes to the princes, they seem to be similar, showing more reserved personas. Though Prince Harry looked open, he also appeared uncomfortable and seemed to be building a barrier.

On the other hand, just like his wife, Prince William acted completely royal, drawing a line that nobody could cross. Reiman explained that the two brothers knew what they were supposed to do, so they exactly did that.

So, though Prince Harry and Prince William have the same breeding, they still have different personalities.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton talked about the unity between her husband and brother-in-law, per Hello! Magazine. The sad demise of Queen Elizabeth had brought the royal family closer together.

Though it was quite unexpected, many celebrated the fact that the former Fab Four came together to meet the mourners outside of Windsor. It was the first time the two princes reunited after unveiling their mother's, Prince Diana, statue in July 2021. Allegedly, Kate Middleton told a family, via The Telegraph, that they had to come together at times like this.