"One Piece" Chapter 1060 spoilers have dropped, thanks to Lebrent on the Worstgen forum as confirmed by the known leaker Redon. Titled "Luffy's Dream," the new chapter will finally unveil what Luffy has been dreaming of.

The leakers didn't exactly reveal what Luffy's dream was, seeming to build anticipation for "One Piece" Chapter 1060. However, there are theories it may have something to do with his journey or his dream to become the Pirate King.

In a brief summary on Reddit, Luffy will reveal his dream to the crew, who will unveil their reaction to it. Sabo will continue his call with the dragon, mentioning something about being in the Lulucia Kingdom and seeing a person sitting on an empty throne.

Imu will then see a map, crossing out the Lulucia kingdom, where the sky has turned dark, and lightning starts to strike left and right. An object then falls from the sky, leaving the realm destroyed.

At the end of "One Piece" Chapter 1060, the Straw Hats will meet Jewelry Bonney with a bounty of 320 million. Elsewhere, the new chapter will mostly focus on the crew; fans are about to see the five elders; Imu will be talking.

Meanwhile, in "One Piece" Chapter 1059, Marco thanked Shanks for the ride, per Epic Dope. Shanks asked Marco if he wouldn't join his crew, to which the latter just refused and left.

Yamato was then seen in a flashback, telling Luffy she wouldn't join his crew as she would be worried about Momonosuke and Wano if she left. Marco left the Straw Hats, and Luffy thanked him for saving his life when he was about to leave.

Marco told Luffy Ace would be proud of him and left. Amazon Lily was damaged. Hancock showed interest in marrying Luffy so that the navy wouldn't come after her.

After a few weeks, vice admiral Yamakaji led the navy, attacked the island, and released the new Seraphim Pacifistas, which started the attack. Blackbeard showed up with his crew, wanting Boa Hancock's devil fruit.

Captain Koby was also there, asking her to surrender, but she refused. A Pacifista attacked Blackbeard and did some major damage.

Hancock then turned everyone into a stone, but Blackbeard captured her and grabbed her by the neck. He told Koby she would turn all his men back to normal if he set Hancock free.

However, Boa said she would just turn everyone back to normal if they both left the island. Rayleigh suddenly showed up and asked Blackbeard to leave Hancock and the island.

He also told Hancock to undo the petrification and fix the situation. Hancock then thanked Rayleigh in the present day, while Shakuyaku revealed the calm belt wasn't safe.

They then talked about how one of the Pacifistas looked like Boa, thinking if they were the replacements for warlords. The navy reported that the Blackbeard Pirates kidnapped Captain Koby; his status was unknown.

"One Piece" Chapter 1060 will be out on Monday, Sep 19.