The production team behind "Mob Psycho 100" Season 3 is continuously hyping the series' return after over three years off the air. Now, a new trailer features Reigen Aratak, famously known as Mob's boss.

But aside from being the protagonist's superior, Reigen has also been a father figure and a mentor to him. As he will once again return to the small screen in "Mob Psycho 100" Season 3, what can fans expect from him?

SportsKeeda noted that Reigen is one of the fan-favorite characters. Fans have praised his depth and complexity after the second season and the third season promo highlighted his highs and lows.

It emphasizes the poise and maturity Reigen showed in the series. The less-than-a-minute "Mob Psycho 100" Season 3 clip features some recaps of scenes and events related to the character from the first and second seasons.

It mostly features his role as Mob's mentor. The preview began with their first meeting when Mob was still a young boy.

It then goes to when they started working together in the first season. The scene then shifts to Reigen fighting the Espers in the second season, telling Mob he could run away.

Reigen shows that as an adult, it's his responsibility to protect Mob from danger. Though he's visibly weaker than his mentee, he will do his best to protect him.

In the second season, fans saw the conclusion of the World Domination Arc and the birth of the gigantic broccoli, per Spiel Times. Claw was blasted into oblivion while its members were all scattered.

The broccoli has turned into a divine tree, and many worshippers have started praying to it. So, "Mob Psycho 100" Season 3 will feature the Divine Tree arc and see Mob figuring out his life prospects, like where he will go and what he will do with his life.

The former member of the Ultimate 5 division of Claw will work at the Spirit and Such Consultation Office of Reigen, who's also a renowned psychic. After the arrival of Haruki Amakusa in the second season, he will ask Reigen to get rid of Yokai King.

Sadly, the upcoming season will be the last outing of the anime series. Its manga version ended with ??? Arc, which was after The Divine Tree.

With only two arcs to adapt, the end is getting closer for "Mob Psycho 100" Season 3, which will premiere on October 5 in Japan.