Thanks to director Hwang Dong Hyuk, little details about "Squid Game" Season 2 are now circulating online. The series is now getting incredible attention after taking home six wins at the 74th Emmy Awards out of 14 nominations, including Lee Jung Jae's Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series-the first Korean to do so.

The cast and crew are now working hard to finish "Squid Game" Season 2. Thankfully, Hwang Dong Hyuk has now given fans an idea of when it will possibly be out.

The director is putting much effort into choosing the games fans are about to see in the second season. AllKpop noted that he has already finished writing the new season's script and has decided on all the games they will feature.

Hence, the second season will finally start filming next year and may be out before 2024 ends. Sung Ki Hoon (Lee Jung Jae) will remain the main character, and it will all be about his revenge.

At the backstage of the 74th Emmy Awards, Hwang Dong Hyuk revealed fans were about to see a different Sung Ki Hoon. "The biggest difference is his character [Seong Gi-hun]. He's a different guy than season one," he said, per Manila Bulletin. "So, I mean-he's going for the revenge. That's the big difference."

He has dyed his hair and changed his persona after winning the game in the first season and learning all the bad things about it. So, fans will see a new Sung Ki Hoon in "Squid Game" Season 2.

Hwang Dong Hyuk said that Sung Ki Hoon is no longer the naïve guy viewers saw in the first season. After everything he had been through in the first outing, he would apply everything he had learned through the games in the second season.

Fans will also see the Frontman (Lee Byung Hun) return and the Suited Man played by Gong Yoo return. In addition, Cheol Soo, the male counterpart of Young Hee, the female robot doll in the Red-Light, Green-Light game, will be introduced.

Talking about choosing the game "Squid Game" Season 2 will feature, Hwang Dong Hyuk revealed he chose the simplest games that would bring out the players' most complex emotions and feelings. As most of the original characters died in the first season, viewers are about to see new faces joining the show. However, there are rumors Jung Ho Yeon and Wi Ha Joon will still make an appearance.