A British publication published an article about Prince Harry being informed late about Queen Elizabeth II's death before making it public, to which Buckingham Palace reacted angrily. Palace aides quickly shot down the malicious claim, stressing all royal family members first knew about Her Majesty's demise.

The Daily Telegraph reported that King Charles III told Prince Harry about Queen Elizabeth's passing five minutes before they informed the public. Prime Minister Liz Truss was said to have learned the news first instead, making Meghan Markle's husband the last to know.

Allegedly, this delay further proves the rift between the Duke of Sussex and the royal family. However, Buckingham Palace seems irritated by this assumption, especially since it emerges a day before the monarch's funeral, which it finds very disrespectful.

In a rare move, it releases a statement to address a private matter. The King's spokesman explained that the public was only informed about Queen Elizabeth's demise after every royal family member was told about it.

However, Daily Mail confirmed Prince Harry knew about the sad news shortly before it was publicized because he was on a flight to Scotland. Hence, he was hard to reach and contact at the time.

The Telegraph had already taken down the original story from its website. It changed its report into a claim that the fifth in line to the throne "wasn't treated differently" from other royal family members.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry was finally allowed to wear his military uniform at the 15-minute vigil with Queen Elizabeth's other grandchildren at Westminster Hall on Friday, September 16. King Charles approved this move at the last minute, per Fox News.

However, his military uniform was reportedly different from his brother's, Prince William, and uncle's, Prince Andrew. The initials "ER," which meant Elizabeth Regina in Latin, were visibly not seen on Prince Harry's shoulder but were on the Duke of Cornwall's and the Duke of York's military regalia during another senior royal vigil.

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield told the publication that nobody knew why the initials were removed from Prince Harry's uniform, and he was informed that the prince was "so distraught over the removal" that he wanted to wear his mourning clothes instead.

Prince Harry served the British Army for a decade. He donned a Blues and Royals No. 1 uniform, KCVO Neck Order and Star, Afghanistan Operational Service Medal, Golden, Diamond and Platinum Jubilee medals, and Army Pilot Wings.

But for Schofield, this ordeal might only be a royal mishap, not a personal attack on him. Sadly, he claimed that Prince Harry saw it as an insult.