There are assumptions Prince Harry and Prince William will finally settle their differences after the Sussexes joined the Cornwalls to meet the mourners outside of Windsor after Queen Elizabeth II's demise. As many expect to see a small sign of reconciliation, will the once-very-close brothers now forgive each other?

Royal expert Richard Kay sees this difficult time for the royal family as the perfect chance for Prince Harry and Prince William to reconcile. However, the big question is, will Meghan Markle's husband accept the "olive branch" the royal family offers?

Daily Mail reported that when Prince Philip died in 2021, attempts for reconciliation failed, so the Duke of Sussex went home to his wife, who was pregnant with Lilibet at the time, and Archie in Montecito, California.

Despite that, Kay claimed King Charles III and Prince William have shown "magnanimity," letting Prince Harry be included in the center of things. He has his role as part of the royal family after Queen Elizabeth died.

He even has all the courtesies with his position as the monarch's son. He gets his rightful place beside his brother and behind his father as they walk after the Queen's coffin.

In Westminster Hall, Prince Harry and Meghan Markel correctly follows the line of the order of succession. They're behind Prince William and Kate Middleton as they pay their respects to Her Majesty.

The former actress also gets respect as the King's daughter-in-law. She travels in a royal limousine with Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and is second in the convoy of royal cars behind Camilla, the Queen Consort, and Kate Middleton.

With these gestures, Kay revealed Prince Harry is being shown his "rightful place" in the House of Windsor if he ever plans to return to his royal life. Now, he only has to realize how his father and brother need him due to the thinning ranks of frontline royals.

"Will Harry seize the opportunity?" Kay asked. Knowing opportunity for royal family members rarely knocks, and King Charles and Prince William have offered him a way back, it's now up to Prince Harry what to do next.

Meanwhile, "GB News" host Mark Longhurst talked about Prince Harry and Prince William's reunion to mourn with Cameron Walker and Richard Fitzwilliams, per Express. The latter revealed there's a significant hope of reconciliation between the two brothers.

King Charles has expressed his love for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, while Prince William allegedly wants to "own the past," which they see as an invitation to end the rift. That said, it's probably a step toward healing their "deep" feud.