There's a growing concern over Prince Harry's upcoming memoir due to its potential damaging revelations about the royal family. Whether Meghan Markle's husband delays the book's release, rumors have it that the palace aides are planning to stop its publication.

However, the big question is, can they stop the book's release? There are claims Prince Harry himself wants to edit some parts of the memoir in the light of Queen Elizabeth II's passing last month due to the possibility of it being insensitive to the royal family.

However, an alleged friend of King Charles III told the Daily Mail that the Duke of Sussex himself might not have the right to stop the book from being published at this stage. If they didn't manage to stop or delay the book's publication, the pal saw no good would come if he "aired his grievances in public."

The book is set to hit the shelves in autumn 2020, but there are theories that it may be moved to 2023. Its publisher, Penguin Random House, shared that the father-of-two's memoir would share the definitive account of his experiences, adventures, losses, and life lessons that had helped shape him for the very first time.

In the book's announcement, Prince Harry said that he wrote it as the man he had become and not as the prince he was born. He claimed that in his 38 years of existence, he had worn many hats, literally and figuratively, and hoped that by telling his story, he could show that he had more in common with others than they thought, no matter where he came from.

However, the book's content remains a mystery to many, even to the royal family. What's known so far is it's already finished, though there are previous reports that Prince Harry wants to rewrite some parts of it in the wake of Queen Elizabeth's demise, which may delay the publication.

The palace is reportedly afraid that it may contain "damaging revelations" about King Charles' parenting or other matters unknown to them. With that said, the royal family's lawyers at the firm Harbottle and Lewis are said to be on standby to read the memoir when it finally comes out.

It also remains to be seen if Prince Harry's estimated $40-million, three-title deal with Penguin Random House will allow him to edit the book if he demands to make some changes or not. With that said, it looks like a lot are waiting for the release of the controversial memoir to see what it says about the royal family.