Asa has made it her new mission to help her newfound friend, Yoku, fight all her bullies in class in "Chainsaw Man" Chapter 106. But knowing how Asa battles, can she handle them all, or will she need the help of someone like Denji?

Asa will face all the bullies who have been bothering Yoku in "Chainsaw Man" Chapter 106. But she may not manage to pull a fight off, and Denji may come to save and help her.

Asa has officially declared Yoku as her best friend and has taken the responsibility of looking after her and fighting her bullies. As she prepares to teach these bullies some lessons, everyone knows Asa is not as strong as she portrays.

Despite that, she still shows them she's formidable-a new danger coming their way. But it looks like she's the one who will be in trouble.

Thankfully, Denji will come to her rescue in "Chainsaw Man" Chapter 106 and save the two of them. However, the big question is, will Yoru see Denji's real personality as Chainsaw Man?

In "Chainsaw Man" Chapter 105, Denji was left on the roof, and Yoru was mad that Asa didn't kill him despite admitting he was Chainsaw Man. Though Yoru started to mock Asa's intelligence, the latter believed Denji was just lying.

He saw Denji as a huge fan of Chainsaw Man and not what he claimed to be. From there, Yoru asked Asa to look for another devil that would let them enter the devil hunter club.

Asa refused and said she would meet Yuko instead. After a short talk, Asa planned to tame Yoru and expose Chainsaw Man.

The two met, and Yoku revealed she had been reading self-help books to help her make new friends. She later made a revelation that surprised Asa from her very core; Yoru had killed a man who gambled welfare money in Pachinko.

She even revealed that the man's body was in her backyard. She then told Asa she knew she had killed the class president and her teacher.

After that, Yuko unveiled her deal with the Justice Devil and her ability to read minds. She then asked Asa not to come to school the next day as she would deal with Yoru, who had been bullying her.

What happens from here can be seen when "Chainsaw Man" Chapter 106 drops on Tuesday, October 11.