The next security support package from the Biden administration for Ukraine is anticipated to include four High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) launchers, munitions, mines, and mine-resistant vehicles.

The four HIMARS launchers and accompanying rockets, 200 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, and ammunition for Howitzers and mines can be transferred to Ukraine in the coming days under drawdown authority. In response to an emergency, the President's Drawdown Authority empowers the United States to immediately transfer items and services from inventories without requiring congressional permission.

Russia declared annexation after holding referendums in seized areas of Ukraine. Western governments and Kiev both claimed that the voting was illegal, forced, and non - representative.

The aid package, which might be unveiled as soon as Tuesday, is the second Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA) since Ukraine gained significant military victories in mid-September and the first since Russia's most recent declaration of the annexation of Ukrainian land.

This is the first package of the U.S. government's 2023 fiscal year, which is currently operating under a stop-gap funding mechanism. President Joe Biden is permitted to withdraw up t$3.7 billion in surplus weaponry for transfer to Ukraine through mid-December.

Last week, the United States presented a $1.1 billion weapons deal for Ukraine that comprised 18 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) launcher systems, ancillary ammunition, various counter-drone devices, and radar equipment. The aid package from last week, however, was paid for by the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), therefore the government cannot simply obtain the weaponry from the US government's existing stocks.

Kyiv has been able to lessen Russia's advantage in artillery because of the accuracy and longer range of HIMARS launchers made by Lockheed Martin Corp. 16 HIMARS launchers have already been promised by the U.S. to Ukraine utilizing PDA. The authorities, who requested anonymity, stated that the weapons package's worth and contents could vary right up to delivery.

As part of the most recent arms deal, the US increased the number of soldiers already deployed in Ukraine in June, and more are currently on their way. Six precisely guided rockets in a container with the equipment placed on trucks can travel around 70 kilometers.

The HIMARS makes it possible for Ukraine to attack Russian forces and equipment from a greater distance, reducing the risk to Ukrainian troops. In order to defend itself from Russia's armed forces, Ukraine has relied largely on supplies delivered by its allies.