"Hunter x Hunter" Chapter 394 has to solve the mystery of the missing Corporal. The Corporal inexplicably disappears, and no one knows who abducts him.

"Hunter x Hunter" Chapter 394 will continue where the previous chapter left off, solving the major cliffhanger. It may give more hints about the Corporal's disappearance and if the other man in the room knows about it.

It's strongly believed that the man knows what happened to the Corporal and his whereabouts. The succession war will also continue as the fight between the three families build up now that Hisoka agrees to join Hinrigh.

The next chapter will see Hinrigh and Wang standing outside the supposed Heil-Ly hideout. They're both confused about what to do after the Corporal is gone.

Hinrigh throws his knife into the room to see the non-user's ability to affect inanimate objects, and it doesn't vanish. Hence, he throws the blade at the man's thigh next, making him scream in pain.

He asks him about the Corporal's location, but the man suddenly disappears in "Hunter x Hunter" Chapter 394.

One of Hinrigh and Wang's men enters the room as they discuss Hisoka and the Phantom Troupe. However, the guy fades into thin air, too, like the Corporal.

This confused them, wondering who could put that spell in the room. The missing man seems to have teleported to the Heil-Ly hideout, where Billie has killed him.

From there, fans will see other Heil-Ly family associates, like Gelato and Matvere. Other members will also be introduced, and fans will learn more about these people.

They will get to know Matvere and three more characters in "Hunter x Hunter" Chapter 394 in the meeting with Morena Prudo.

The boss asks them to guard the place, and only the Black Whale soldiers and associates can enter the hideout. Later, Hinrigh returns to the shopping area and looks at the footage from the cat camera to see what it has captured while he's away.

A few more characters will be seen, and they seem to be old friends with the 4th Kakin Prince Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou. They appear to be talking about him and Theta as they guard the lower floors as instructed by Morena Prudo.

Tserriednich is also seen shooting a guy. So, what are they talking about, and who's that guy? Find out when "Hunter x Hunter" Chapter 394 drops on Sunday, November 13.