Virginia Guiffre, Prince Andrew's accuser, made a shocking decision last week by dropping her sexual abuse case against American lawyer Alan Dershowitz, revealing she might have made a mistake. Queen Elizabeth II's alleged favorite son saw this as a chance to clear his name and make his way back to public life.

Prince Andrew is reportedly "determined" to return as a working senior royal, believing there's a strong possibility for it after the latest news about Giuffre's sexual abuse case. So, will this help the Duke of York to continue his plans?

A source told MailOnline that everything has now changed, and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie's father is "determined to fight." However, several reports claimed the prince had a private meeting with his brother, King Charles III, about his return to royal duties but was turned down.

The insider revealed this made the duke "totally blindsided" and "utterly bereft." Allegedly, the 62-year-old royal had strongly believed that "there was a way back."

The tipster continued that Prince Andrew had an extremely close relationship with his late mom, Queen Elizabeth. So, he allegedly tried to discuss his plans to return to public life many times with her.

Though it might sound naïve, he had always hoped to be a senior royal again. The source continued that King Charles, alternatively, told his younger brother to go off and have a good and nice life, adding that his public life as a royal was already at its end.

"You have to accept this," the monarch allegedly told Prince Andrew. An alleged friend added that the prince wanted to build a new life, but His Majesty was seen as the only one who could help him.

Meanwhile, after Prince Andrew stepped back from his royal duties following his epic "Newsnight" interview and sexual abuse case filed by Giuffre against him, he could no longer participate in royal family events. Hence, he didn't join King Charles, Princess Anne, and Prince William at the Cenotaph to celebrate Remembrance Sunday on November 13.

He was also not seen at the Festival of Remembrance in London to remember everyone who fought in the Falklands conflict in 1982 despite being part of it when he served with the Royal Navy.

For starters, Prince Andrew paid Giuffre about £12 million to settle a civil case in which he was accused of sexually abusing her when she was just 17. The former husband of Sarah, the Duchess of York, has vehemently denied the claims.