"One Piece" Chapter 1067 full summary has dropped, and it looks like Vegapunk needs the Straw Hats' help. Monkey D. Dragon's Revolutionary Army is about to make its move, and it may have something to do with the real Vegapunk's request to Luffy to take him away from Egghead Island.

Warning: The following content contains major "One Piece" Chapter 1067 spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The new chapter begins with Bonney and Vegapunk's conversation about the latter's head. He then reveals he's a "Brainiac Man," who consumes the Nomi Nomi o Mi or Brain-Brain Fruit to be more knowledgeable, resulting in his head getting bigger due to the data capacity.

Chopper asks Vegapunk if he's also strong, which the latter confirms. He then tells Luffy the apple on his head is an antenna, revealing Egghead Island's top half is Punk Records, a hangar for his brain.

He explains the Vegapunk satellites, each being an expert in specific areas, in "One Piece" Chapter 1067. It may only have one personality, but it does the work of six people.

Vegapunk continues that if everyone can access his brain, his knowledge becomes "all of mankind's." From there, Bonney faces Vegapunk with her lightsaber, demanding to return her father to his original state.

However, Bonney faints after her sword attracts a swarm of insects. Luffy and Vegapunk then talk about Momonosuke, while the Straw Hats ask about the Ancient Robot.

The scene then shifts to Sanji, Robin, and Shaka in "One Piece" Chapter 1067. Nami is glad to know Luffy and others are safe and asks who Bonney is.

By the looks of it, the Straw Hats have finally reunited. Vegapunk then feels sorry about what he did to Bonney and wishes to give her something before asking Luffy to take him away from the island.

CP0 then arrives, while Rob Lucci wants to kill Bonney. When Usopp and Nami hear about Lucci, the two want to escape.

Shaka denies CP0's entry. From there, the next scene shows Lindbergh, Inazuma, and Karasu at the Kamabakka Kingdom, calling out Dragon after doing something with Kuma. Koala, Dragon, and Ivankov then tell him their battle as the Revolutionary Army will begin.

"One Piece" Chapter 1067 will drop on Sunday, November 20. Sadly, there will be a one-week break after this chapter comes out. So, "One Piece" Chapter 1068 won't be out until December 4.