Everyone is now worrying about Midnight after her efforts to stop Gigantomachia. The R-Rated Hero has already sustained serious injuries, so what will be her future in "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 8, titled "League of Villains Vs. U.A. Students?" Can they stop Gigantomachia?

Midnight asked Momo Yaoyorozu to create sedatives and met other hero students to stop Gigantomachia. However, after being ambushed and dropped with a huge concrete slab by Dabi and Mr. Compress, will she survive "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 8?

The new episode preview shows the Classes A and B hero students working together to stop the gigantic villain. However, based on Midnight's talk with Yaoyorozu, the students may have no idea of the villains hiding on Gigantomachia's back.

In fact, the episode title seems to hint at the students' fight against the other baddies, like Toga, Dabi, and more. The main goal is to prevent the giant from advancing toward Shigaraki's location, but can they do so?

In addition, "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 8 will also feature the fight of Jaku General after the preview shows Shigaraki crouching on the ground while smoke rises from his body. The earlier shift in his personality stems from All For One's influence may "rear its head again."

However, it remains to be seen if the change will make him more dangerous or will lead him to run away and escape.

Meanwhile, "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 7 saw Endeavor and Shigaraki in a fight while Eraserhead used his quirk to stop the villain's abilities. Though a backup was coming, near-high-end Domus were around.

There was no way Endeavor could defeat Shigaraki, even with other heroes' help. He had incredible strength and body, like that of All Might.

Shigaraki then killed Aizawa. Thankfully, Deku managed to stop him. Now with Bakugo and Deku's help, they were all trying to stop Shigaraki.

Elsewhere, Gigantomachia was already awake, gathering the league on his shoulder at the Ganga Mountain Villa. Dabi and Skeptic were already onboard.

The giant started running toward Shigaraki. Mountain Lady tried to stop him by hanging on to him, but to no avail.

Midnight also tried to make Gigantomachi fall asleep, but she was attacked by the League of Villains hiding on the enemy's back. She then informed the students about Gigantomachia through a communicator and asked Momo to take the lead.

Momo would decide if they would stop the enemy or run for it. He then led Classes A and B students and started working together to stop Gigantomachia.

What happens from here can be seen when "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 8 drops on Saturday, November 19.