All eyes are now on "Boruto" Episode 276 as it begins its new arc, The Labyrinth Game. Its title, "Welcome to the Maze," perfectly fits its new storyline as Boruto finds himself in an unknown place.

"Boruto" Episode 276 will feature a new place that will confuse Boruto and others with its weirdness. As it's called a maze, will the group find their way out?

Boruto and the other passengers are kept in the mysterious room, and nobody knows why. So, who is behind this move?

Elsewhere, Sasuke has started his search for Code, the last surviving Kara member. Why he's looking for the villain remains unknown, but he surely has a reason.

In "Boruto" Episode 276 preview, Boruto and the other passengers can be seen trapped in a labyrinth. This twist begins the series' new storyline, and the next installments will see Boruto trying his best to save everyone and safely return to Konoha Village.

The Lab master accuses Boruto of being involved in an accident. So to prove himself innocent, he is willing to undergo some experiments.

Meanwhile, "Boruto" Episode 275 saw Mozu teaching her son about the importance of animals, while Boruto told Sasuke about Tsuzura. The latter was shocked after learning that his mom would sell his hawk to someone who wanted to stuff it.

The kid then ran off with his hawk to his meeting point with Boruto. Mozu and her security caught up with the child.

Sasuke decided to trade his hawk so that Tsuzura could keep his own. However, Sasuke just tricked the buyer and used genjutsu on his hawk so that it would return to him.

Sasuke and Boruto left Tsuzura when the former revealed to Boruto that he would stay to deal with Mozu and leave the village to find Code. Boruto then got on the Thunder Train to return to the Leaf.

The train entered a tunnel, and when Boruto woke up, he found himself in a lab, surrounded by many people from different places.

The series' recent outing just showed the new adventure Boruto, and the rest of the gang would explore. The anime's writer, Honda Masaya, then revealed the new arc, which would run for six episodes and would see Boruto through his paces.

In a tweet, he shared that "Boruto" would begin a new arc, Labyrinth Game, in "Boruto" Episode 276. He was in charge of doing the scripts for four of the six episodes, revealing to put as "many ideas" as he could.

"It's going to be a dizzying ride," he teased. "Don't miss it."

"Boruto" Episode 276 will drop on Saturday, November 19.