The Artemis 1 test flight's destination, the moon, has been observed by NASA's Orion spacecraft, which has also captured an incredible video to commemorate the occasion.

The Orion spacecraft, complete with NASA's "worm" insignia, is seen in the foreground of new a video taken from the tip of one of the capsule's four solar wings. The moon, which is only partially lighted, is visible in the background. According to a statement from NASA, Orion was around halfway to the moon at the time.

"On the third day of the Artemis I mission, Orion maneuvered its solar arrays and captured the moon with a camera mounted on the end of the array," NASA wrote a video released over the weekend.

Prior to Wednesday's triumph, the U.S. space agency attempted to launch the mission several times. They were forced to suspend the mission in August due to a series of technical problems.

The same situation happened last September, but this time due to weather circumstances. The launch was once again postponed until Nov. 14, but due to more inclement weather, the mission went forward two days later.

Artemis 1 will not reach the moon for several days, with a total travel distance of 279,617 miles.

Artemis is anticipated to arrive at the Moon in eight to 14 days. Instead of touching down, it will slingshot around the Moon before coming back to Earth in the middle of December. It should take 26 days to complete the mission.

Orion photographed a crescent Earth slipping behind as it traveled to the moon in the early hours following launch.

According to NASA, the Artemis 1 Orion spacecraft was traveling through space at 995 mph as of early Saturday morning (Nov. 19), 216,391 miles from Earth and 93,048 miles from the moon. .

The Artemis 1 Orion will make its closest approach to the moon in a flyby on Monday morning (Nov. 21), reaching within 60 miles of the moon as it prepares to complete its broad, looping orbit.

NASA's Track Artemis website allows you to track Orion as it travels through space on its mission.

Beginning at 7:15 a.m., NASA will live stream the Artemis 1 lunar flyby. The closest approach is anticipated for a little after 7:57 a.m. EST. On November 25, at 4:52 p.m. EST, Orion will enter its final orbit around the moon. NASA coverage begins at 4:30 p.m. EST. You can also from the video link below.