"Black Clover" Chapter 344 again takes a one-week break due to Tabata Yuuki's illness. As many are already waiting for its return, what will happen this time?

The previous chapter ended with the sudden appearance of Sister Lily, along with two unknown Paladins. By the looks of it, their arrival will mean an intense fight in "Black Clover" Chapter 344.

Asta, Ichika, and Ryudo may face Sister Lily and her two companions. Here, Asta may unleash his new Zetten form, though it's also possible that their battle will not happen until the next chapter comes out in another week.

This may give Ichika the right time to prepare and summon other Ryuzen Seven members to help them. Hence, Asta may be sidelined at the beginning of the fight, though he may join in later.

This war may also unleash the power Ryudo has in "Black Clover" Chapter 344. Though he claims he has no yoryoku, it's widely believed that he knows a form of combat that fans are waiting to see.

There are theories that Lucius has sent Sister Lily and the two Paladins to look for Asta in the Land of the Rising Sun. The antagonist may have asked the Paladins to find Asta and learn that he's in Hino Country.

It has been known that Lucius sees Asta as a big threat to his ambitions. Hence, he wants him dead.

Fans may also know more about Heath Grice's revival in "Black Clover" Chapter 344, believing he's one of the two Paladins. Asta and co have already brought him down during their first mission, but he seems to have returned from the dead.

This may mean Lucius has the ability to revive anyone and turn them into "purified devils." This may hint at the possibility that the dead characters, like Zagred and Dante, will be brought back to life soon.

In addition, Asta may try his best to save Sister Lily and bring her back to her old self, especially now that he's getting stronger, thanks to Ryudo and Ichika's training.

Meanwhile, the 50th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shone Jump Magazine this year revealed that Yuuki would go on another one-week break due to his sudden illness. Hence, "Black Clover" would also not be seen in the magazine's 51st issue and would be part of the 52nd issue instead.

This just means fans have to wait a little longer, as "Black Clover" Chapter 344 will be out on Sunday, November 27.