"My Hero Academia" Chapter 374, titled "Butterfly Effect," spoilers have dropped, and it features the return of Kurogiri to continue All for One's devious plan. The original League of Villains members are now on the move, while the Sad Man's Parade has also returned, thanks to the help of Himiko Toga's Quirk, Transform.

Warning: The following content contains major "My Hero Academia" Chapter 374 spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Spinner has successfully woken up Kurogiri after returning to his old body, though he still looks unstable. He seems to have suffered severe injuries from Present Mic's attack, so what will happen to Spinner?

Now that Kurogiri has woken up, he's set to play a major role in the fight. He may help Shigaraki in his mission, though it remains to be seen how he will do it.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 374 spoilers show Present Mic and Kurogiri at Central Hospital. The weather report reveals that a huge cloud has appeared over Japan and may reach North America.

The report then cuts into the Kamino battleground, seeing Shoto questioning Dabi about how he still manages to move. Dabi doesn't mind, as he's thinking about how far Gunga Mountains and he may be unable to go there after finishing off Shoto.

Alternatively, Burnin' realizes his body's about to give up, as Shoto tries to taunt Dabi into giving up and fighting him instead. Skeptic then calls Dabi to make a joke.

The "My Hero Academia" Chapter 374 scene then changes into UA High. Manual talks about how the attacks' impact has affected his water.

Shigaraki is then seen with his chest inflated while Deku prepares for another attack. A portal then appears, and AFO's speech begins.

It's later revealed that AFO has installed a microdevice in Nana's hand so that Kurogiri knows what to do when he wakes up. However, knowing Nana is already dead, this may only be a wrong spelling or a different person indicated.

From there, Dabi arrives where AFO, Endeavor, and Hawks are in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 374. He greets his father, "daddy," while being accompanied by two Twice clowns, apparently made by Himiko Toga.

Dabi mocks his father, asking him to see what will happen if he doesn't prioritize Twice. The chapter ends with Hawks saying they immediately need to kill Dabi.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 374 will drop on Sunday, November 27.