The world is reeling from the sudden death of Jason David Frank Saturday, November 19. As fans and "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" fandom mourn the demise of the original Green Ranger star, details that led to his death are revealed, seemingly confirming his suicide.

Allegedly, Jason got into a heated argument with his estranged wife, Tammie Frank, on the same day of his death. The ordeal reportedly began after they checked into two separate rooms at a hotel in Texas on Friday, November 18.

Law enforcement confirmed to TMZ the events prior to the actor's passing. The ex-couple started to argue in the room of Tammie, who filed for divorce from the martial artist, despite having different accommodations.

Things then started to relax when hotel staff was reportedly called and intervened. However, a few hours later, the two began feuding again, and Jason locked his ex-wife out of his room.

At around 5 a.m. the next day, Tammie began to worry about her former husband and called the police to check on him. Frank wasn't responding to the officers' call, so the hotel management let them in.

There, they found Jason's lifeless body hanging inside the bathroom. Page Six has reached out to the star's rep for comment about the claims.

Tammie paid tribute to her ex in a post on Instagram. "The loss of my soulmate," she captioned a number of photos of them together.

She continued that she couldn't go on without him, calling him her world. She added that though they had their own struggles, just like any marriage, she revealed they both agreed their relationship was worth saving.

Tammie admitted she was deeply lost, hurt, and utterly destroyed by his passing, losing her only true love. Despite his death, she assured him that she would be his forever "Firecracker baby" until they were together again.

Frank's fellow "Power Rangers" stars also honored his life after the tragic news broke out. Walter Jones, the Black Ranger, said in a statement, via, that he was an "inspiration to so many people, and his presence would be dearly missed.

He also stated that it was sad to lose another Ranger family member following Thuy Trang, the original Yellow Ranger, who died in 2001.

Alternatively, Amy Jo Johnson, who played Pink Ranger and Frank's love interest in "Power Rangers," posted a selfie of them together on Instagram. She called him "Jase" and described him as "beautiful and truly unique."

She continued that her life wouldn't be the same without his "frenetic, hilarious, caring, driven, and creative ball of energy." Johnson confessed she would always love her dear friend Frank.