"Blue Lock" trends after Japan beats Spain in the World Cup. Hence, all eyes are now on "Blue Lock" Episode 9, titled "The Formula of a Goal," as the fight between Team Z and Team V continues.

Ego has set a couple of matches, as the players have to pay for the consequences of their cheating. Ego will surely think of a way for them to learn from their mistake in "Blue Lock" Episode 9 that will decide Team Z's future.

Team Z can't lose this time. If they do, they will end up being disqualified, resulting at the end of their careers. It can't be denied that Team V has the best players and remains undefeated in all their matches.

Team V and Isagi will continue their meeting, as he wants to know their ethics and policies. After the cheating incident, he's visibly unhappy with how the Blue Lock functions.

So, instead of making a fuss about it, he confronts everyone. Ego then enters the scene to explain what happens, and there may be players eliminated from the game in "Blue Lock" Episode 9.

Meanwhile, "Blue Lock" Episode 8 saw Team Z concerned about their upcoming fight against Team V. They knew they needed to win to qualify.

Some teammates tried to gang up on Kuon, but Isagi stopped them as they still needed 11 members to win. Kuon remained unbothered, confident that he would qualify as he topped the Blue Lock Rankings.

He admitted that he had become selfish after his previous teammates didn't support his dream of winning the world cup. A flashback scene then began and saw Reo as the heir of the Mikage corporation.

With everything he wanted in his hands, he felt his life was monotonous and boring. He eventually found the courage and motivation to go against his parents' will and win the world cup.

He met Nagi and was impressed by his agility and athleticism, so he asked him to play football. Ego then gave them advice, saying that in the game of unpredictability, the only thing that could help the team was to "transcend the realm of coincidences."

Later, Isagi went to the field and saw Barou practicing. Isagi then discovered Barou's secret to making a score while they played, using his strength and accuracy.

Everyone was worried, but they were all determined to win this time. Thanks to Isagi's spatial awareness, it worked in favor of Team Z.

However, everything started to change when Reo and Nagi changed their game strategy. Nagi impressed everyone with his speed and ball control and scored a goal.

What happens from here can be seen when "Blue Lock" Episode 9 drops on Saturday, December 3.