Studio Bones has dropped a good look at "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 10, titled "The Ones Within Us." The new episode will continue where the previous episode left off, following the major cliffhanger.

Bakugo has sacrificed himself to save Deku, taking Shigaraki's hit meant to kill the protagonist. So, how will Deku react to it in "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 10?

As expected, Deku goes into a full-blown rage after what happened to Bakugo, as seen in the new episode's stills. His eyes are fierce, determined to put Shigaraki down.

The villain, alternatively, is struggling as one shot appears that he's "overlaid" with All for One. Hence, his AFO inheritance may have come with "secret strings," per Comicbook.

The other "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 9 promo features Bakugo and Shoto, helplessly watching Deku's fight against Shigaraki. One snap shows Deku in One for All's inner world, where Nana Shimura is seen protecting the hero while AFO and Shigaraki do their thing.


The final image, in addition, highlights a different battlefield. It focuses on Ochaco and Toga, with the villain looking rather serious this time, while the close-up is covered in shadows.

Ochaco, alternatively, looks afraid of Toga's sudden appearance. The shapeshifter seems to ditch the League of Villains to confront Ochaco. So, fans must wait for the next episode to see their conversation.

Meanwhile, the preview for "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 10 sees Bakugo falling from the sky after taking in Shigaraki's new quirk. Deku is quickly consumed by his rage and attacks Shigaraki.

With his rage, he has effortlessly broken the villain's blade-like quirk with his bare hands and teeth. However, Shigaraki's skin and hair quickly regenerate, while his appearance shows an uncanny resemblance to AFO.

The clip also shows Deku returning to OFA's world, where Shigaraki and his mentor are. It looks like the new episode will explore the mystery surrounding AFO's recurring voice haunting his protégé after the main antagonist merged into his body and probably his consciousness, too.

Nana Shimura is also seen in the preview, talking to her grandson. However, Deku is seen crouched down on the ground.

He again can't speak or even ask questions inside the OFA vestiges. Moreover, the clip shows Nejire, ida, and the other students tasked to evacuate the civilians. This hints at how intense the battle in Jaku City will continue, especially with the coming of Gigantomachia.

Fans are about to see these and more when "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 10 drops on Saturday, December 3.