and Apple intend to start Twitter advertising again, according to reports. In an effort to revive its company after Elon Musk's takeover caused many businesses to draw back, Twitter last week sent an email to advertising agencies giving advertisers incentives to increase their spending on the site.

Twitter described the offer as the "biggest advertiser incentive ever on Twitter." The email stated that U.S. advertisers that commit to increased spending of $500,000 will be eligible to have their investment matched with a "100% value add," up to a $1 million ceiling.

According to a Platformer News reporter's tweet from Saturday, Amazon intends to restart running ads on Twitter for around $100 million per year, subject to making minor security adjustments to the company's ad network. A source with knowledge of the situation, however, claimed that Amazon had never stopped running Twitter advertisements.

Separately, Musk revealed that Apple is the biggest advertiser on Twitter and has "fully resumed" advertising on the service. Musk made the announcement during a Twitter Spaces conversation. In his first month as Twitter's owner, Musk has reduced the number of personnel, including those responsible for content moderation, and there have been instances of spammers pretending to be representatives of well-known public firms, which has alarmed the advertising sector.

Since the acquisition, many businesses, have canceled or suspended their Twitter advertising, and Musk said in November that the company has experienced a "huge" decline in revenue. Reuters contacted Apple and Twitter for comment on the situation, but neither company responded right away.

One of the biggest marketers on Twitter is Apple, and according to a Reuters report, the iPhone manufacturer led all advertisers in the first quarter of 2022. Following Musk's official takeover in October, Apple reduced its Twitter ad spending from $220,800 between Oct. 16 and 22 to $131,600 between November 10 and November 16.

Although the reasons are yet unknown, Apple probably ceased using the site because it did not want its advertisements to appear next to contentious or sensitive tweets because Musk wants to rework Twitter to defend "free speech."

Not just Apple but several businesses have given up on Twitter advertising. Last month, many automakers discontinued their Twitter advertising, including Audi and General Motors. The food manufacturer General Mills, best known for its ice cream Haagen-Dazs and breakfast cereal Cheerios, has likewise stopped running advertisements on Twitter. Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company that was crucial in developing the COVID-19 vaccine, reportedly stopped using the social media platform for advertising last month.