Kentucky, Montana, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania residents could join more than a dozen states already offering stimulus money to their citizens.

The Commonwealth Journal stated that individual taxpayers in Kentucky might get a $500 one-time payment in 2023, while households and joint filers could receive $1,000.

With Montana anticipating a budget surplus of more than $1 billion this year, two stimulus packages have been suggested.

The Associated Press claimed that a proposed bill would restore $1,000 to property taxpayers and $1,250 to state income taxpayers. Another idea would reward taxpayers with a $3,000 flat refund.

As a means of combating rising gasoline costs, North Carolina legislators have suggested issuing $200 gas-tax refund cards to citizens in exchange for excess funds, as reported by Center Square.

In Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf has proposed new legislation offering low-income households a one-time payment of $2,000 to assist with childcare bills and other necessities.

Guaranteed Income Program Provides Payouts For Two Years

The Cook County Promise Program will provide 3,250 qualified families with $500 per month in direct compensation for two years. This month, the county will select the awardees through a lottery.

According to Cook County officials, almost 184,000 individuals applied by the October deadline. This month, the selected recipients should begin getting the monies.

Rebates From $50M Pot Is Not Impossible In Texas

As winter approaches, officials in Texas are debating methods to assist homeowners with their high energy bills. Erik Walsh, the city manager, informed reporters that CPS Energy's estimated income is $75 million more than anticipated.

This means that the city will gain 13 percent of the money generated by the utility. According to Texas Public Radio, Mr. Walsh is now recommending that the $50 million be utilized to provide assistance to residential and business clients within and beyond the city.

New Yorkers Set To Receive Child Tax Credit This Month

This month, millions of New Yorkers will get average stimulus checks of $270. The state is mailing out two checks: the Empire State child credit check and the earned income tax credit check. Those who received at least $100 from each or both payments during the 2021 tax year are eligible.

The Empire State child credit payment ranges from 25% to 100% of the amount of the credit you earned on your 2021 tax return, depending on your income. In the meanwhile, the earned income credit payment is equal to 25% of the amount New Yorkers got in 2021.