Fans may see an intense fight between Saitama and Tatsumaki in "One Punch Man" Chapter 178. The fan-favorite Caped Baldy tried to stop the S-class hero from attacking the Blizzard Group, so these two may end up facing each other.

Despite what happened, Tatsumaki is worried about the group's members, as she may can't save a big group like that in time of need. So, fans are about to see if her plans are effective in "One Punch Man" Chapter 178.

Saitama continues to threaten the group, hoping they will leave their leader. However, Saitama stops her, resulting in hurting her ego.

From there, she may dare Saitama in a fight and prepare for a big battle between them. However, there may be a chance that it may not proceed.

Tatsumaki may want to investigate the Tsukuyomi instead in "One Punch Man" Chapter 178. Tsukuyomi means the Moon God in Japanese mythology, and it has something to do with the fact that Fubuki saw God through Psyko's Third Eye. This may just hint at God's nearing arrival on Earth.

Tatsumaki is believed to have ties to the God plot run, which may have a deeper connection due to her time in the lab with a God cube. It's also known that she had battles with God-buffed opponents and her mentor, Blast, is on a quest to find the Almighty being.

Meanwhile, "One Punch Man" Chapter 177, titled "The Supernatural & Risks," saw a couple dining in the citizen area of the HA complex. However, the entire floor started shaking, causing panic among everyone there.

It was later revealed that the Demon-Level Monsters Containment Level caused the chaos. The scene then saw Fubuki struggling as Tatsumaki was fighting.

A Tsukuyomi member turned Fubuki's sleeping pill into poison. Tatsumaki stopped her rage when the Tsukuyomi threatened to ignite Fubuki's fatal poison.

The Tsukuyomi captured Tatsumaki and levitated her, Fubuki, and Psykos. A Blizzard group's imposter later exposed himself after they left the facility.

Tatsumak then used her esper ability and turned the pill into a needle, gently removing it from Fubuki's body and directing it to the Tsukuyomi, piercing the latter's eye.

Though he survived, Tatsumaki managed to turn the tables and catch him. The Blizzard group was concerned for Fubuki.

Tatsumaki then snapped after her friends pushed her down. So, she told her sister to avoid the group as she vowed to hurt its members so they could rest, but Saitama stopped her.

What happens from here can be seen when "One Punch Man" Chapter 178 drops on Wednesday, January 25.