Kate Middleton made her solo royal family engagement look stunningly beautiful as she gave everyone the sweetest smile when she visited a nursery school in Luton, Bedfordshire, Thursday, January 19. Prince William's wife looked very relaxed amid all the allegations Prince Harry made against her and the royal family in his explosive memoir, "Spare."

Kate looked "totally at ease" and "unfazed," seemingly just shrugging everything off that Prince Harry claimed in "Spare." The Duchess of Cornwall met the nursery students, giving them a huge grin and high five.

The Princess of Wales always looked elegant, donning a vibrant red turtleneck top paired with a long skirt. She perfectly accessorized her outfit with a black belt around her waist.

This solo engagement was in line with the future queen consort's Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, which she established in 2021. With her oozing confidence, she evidently didn't mind the backlash that came with the Duke of Sussex's memoir.

Body language and behavioral expert Darren Stanton, who closely studied Kate during the engagement, believed the book's release hadn't had a "profound effect" on her. Her body language, voice pitch, and eye contact showed no "signs of distress or frustration."

He said, via Express, that she appeared at ease, had no signs of distress or frustration, and even looked more confident than usual. He continued that nervous people usually had a crack or high pitch, but Kate appeared relaxed.

When Stanton analyzed Kate's videos, he heard his voice was "completely on the same level," hinting at her confidence. She had an open posture and consistent eye contact, while her non-verbal signals came from a very confident person.

This made her look comfortable in her surroundings and own skin. While many expect the royal family to be fazed amid Prince Harry's revelation, it's business as usual for Kate and Prince William.

In the best-selling "Spare," Meghan Markle's husband alleged that the royal couple encouraged him to wear a Nazi uniform during a fancy dress party in 2005. Allegedly, the Wales "howled with laughter" at Prince Harry.

The young prince's snap wearing the "offensive outfit" appeared on the front cover of The Sun. Despite the many claims, the royal family, including Prince William and Kate, remained tight-lip about it.

In fact, they recently ignored journalists' questions about the issue, trying to get their reactions to it. However, Prince William and Kate remained composed, fulfilling their duties together.