Amid all the revelations Prince Harry made in his memoir, "Spare," many seem to notice that Meghan Markle has remained mum about it. She, too, didn't do any promotional media to promote her husband's book, which led to the assumptions that she might be distancing herself from the controversial tome.

GB News tried to analyze Meghan's silence amid the release of Prince Harry's memoir. The show's host Dan Wootton discussed the article by the Daily Telegraph about the Duchess of Sussex, questioning why she didn't promote the Duke of Sussex's book when it dropped on January 10.

The couple described themselves as "salt and pepper." They "always move together," so the former actress' non-appearance has been a big question to many.

It can't be denied that the former senior royal has always been there whenever the "Suits" star gives interviews. He was there when she promoted her Spotify podcast, "Archetypes," and her children's book, "The Bench."

In the past, Meghan appeared in Prince Harry's Apply TV documentaries about mental health and a promotional video for the Invictus Games. Hence, The Telegraph claimed some sources had suggested that she might have "raised gentle concerns" about "Spare" was "warier" than Prince Harry about the project.

However, it also claimed she was supportive and "immensely proud" of him after he decided to do it. Though it might not be how others would approach things, she would surely always have his back and might not get herself involved in promoting a personal project, especially since the book is about his life, journey, and perspective.

Anyhow, Wooton found Meghan's absence "absolutely fascinating" as it was the first time that she tried to distance herself from "all of the collateral PR damage" "Spare" cause.

The Telegraph's sources claimed Meghan was wondering if doing the memoir was the right move. Allegedly, she was a little hesitant to release it, but she didn't want to get involved to avoid being accused of "trying to steal the limelight." Despite that, Meghan has given her full support to him.

For starters, Prince Harry shared a number of "intimate and private details" about his life and career in the book. He even planned to drop another memoir, filled with more secrets and revelations about his father, King Charles, and brother, Prince William, but it was put away.